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I just want to say hi to you :)

My name is Rebecca, 34 years old MtF transgender, living in the beautiful southern germany. Besides collecting lava lampes, i collecht and repair old mechanic clocks and watches. And i am a crazy gothic girl. The lavas are the only colourful things i accept. ANd always searching for new addings to both collections. Especially searching a Mathmos Fluidium, which is not expensive. I have always too less money to purchase one...

I am a furry as well, my inner soul is a female red deer. Google for it, if you dont know, what this is.

I am a friendly, open minden person. Feel free to ask anything!

I hope, i have found a cozy place here :)

Dark greets


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Hey, welcome! Here's a funny story, I accidently wandered into anthrocon in Pittsburgh because I had no idea why giant animals were walking around. We just walked right in without anybody saying anything, and security kicked us out after about an hour because we didn't register. So theirs my furry story :) anyway welcome!

That is an awesome story, had me laughing! Yes, welcome Rebecca!

Welcome Rebecca......i think you will find most of us as open minded......old souls and hippies as well, lol!!!  Well, i can speak for myself anyway.....nice bunch of people on here fer sure!!!!

I agree Carol! I think this community is wonderful! So far, over a year now, everyone I have encountered on here has been exceptionally nice! I joined another forum (won't name names) focusing on home theater, and my intro post got downright mean replies. I haven't been back!

I hate that Cowmatian!!!  To tell you the truth, I don't really join many forums.....I did join a German Shepherd forum and everytime I mentioned something, I kept getting the know-it-all's second guessing me, or saying something they knew that was different.......I know I don't know everything, but I have raised and been in the dog rescue community for over 20 years and they just made me feel utterly stupid.  I haven't been back!  lol!!  At least on here the fellow OG'er's don't make me feel stupid no matter how dumb I may feel asking certain questions......I really can feel relaxed on here like I really know the members even though I've never meant any of y'all......

I guess people find it easier to be nasty online. Its a shame because forums can really be helpful, constructive and of course fun. This is the only forum I'm on now, I still like the topic of others, but not so much the discussions.

Welcome aboard Rebecca... I thought 'Furry' meant something completely different !!! I know better now !

I would be a 'little brown Bat' ... I float.....

I flit and fly.... I can fly... I can fly   ;)

Thanks people. I am happy, that a deer girl is welcome here <3

And bats are so cute ^.^

Schön, jemand aus Deutschland :)

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the community!!!

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