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Does anyone remember the old jellybean contests ?? Where you had to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar. I remember them from school days (along time ago in a far away galaxy...LOL) and sometimes for charitys and such etc.

Well im am going to give away a original USA made blue/white 32oz globe (globe only) to the member who can guess how much money I have in a jug. I have been collecting my change in a jug like most people do, however for 10 years I have used a 5 gallon water bottle and have filled it to the top, for the last 3 months I have been shaking it to compact the change so I can fit more but finally I can not cram anymore change into the bottle so its time to take her in. The bottle is bulging and I would guess it weighs about 600lbs. The member who comes closest to the total will receive the globe, I will pay the shipping so no cost to anyone, its kinda like my stimulus package to the goo lovers :) I want everyone to take a guess, you dont have to be a normal poster here or anything, even the lurkers are welcome to join this.

My guess dont count and I have a pretty good idea of the amount I have but I will not post it until the contest is over so nobody is swayed with their guess....I think it should be interesting to see how much the guess's vary. So below I want everyone to take their best shot, you can edit your post as much as you want until Monday May 4th when I will announce the total.


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Whoa! I see a lot more silver in there than copper... I think you'll have enough to buy one of those fancy lamps on eBay! (And then some.) My guess is... $1350 and change (pun intended!).
Are those big silver ones quarters or nickels, i havent much of a clue.

I will guess $877.53
My guess is $1,988.36
My guess is $2432. It's hard to guess though; you have loads of silver in there!
From a sunny England my guess is $2009.29.
I know your prize is probably USA only, but I fancied a punt.
Nope, no custom out of this one, the bottle is plastic. I remember when they were glass, that would be a big lamp.

P.S. The contest is open to all, the lamp will ship to where the winner is :)


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