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So they had 4 Heritage blue/white's at my local Ross.  I pulled one out of the box that was already open and it looked clear.  They were 16.99.  I didn't buy because I just cannot stand that china flow.  Anyone have luck with the Heritage from Ross?

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Yeah, I got a gold red/yellow and its actually decent for a china lamp, at times it even gets stretchy. I put the globe on my Coach lantern because I really wanted to see it in that combo. You can't beat it for 16.99. 

These are wizzie's with the white lava/blue liquid.  The other reason I didn't buy one is I already have a blue swirl in that combo and an enchantress.  I really didn't want another blue/white, lol!!!  But I thought it was interesting that Ross had them, especially MY Ross which never has anything like that!!  I think I may pass unless they get something more interesting that I don't already have.

you can always ditch the globe and use the base and cap with another globe.  i agree with LLD - i have 4 heritage centuries, and at times they stretch.  if you can fine tune the dimmer properly, it will surprise you.  it's a lot of work though.

I snagged the Heritage Century set from Ross. Have to say they run nicer than other China lamps I have seen. Can't beat the price for the hardware alone either.

I know Vox, i kind of felt like i "should of" grabbed one, but i have so many blue/white.  In my town they will probably be there for awhile.  Maybe i'll stop by tomorrow and snag one.  I don't think too many people are into lava where I am.  They are kind of more snooty patootie!!!  lololololol

P.S.  these are the wizards.......

I don't think the heritage wizards have dimmer's on them, do they?

Yep, they do! It's very handy, cause mine gets overheated very easily. I have a blue/yellow that I got from Ross.

Yes, they do have a dimmer! 

Carol said:

I don't think the heritage wizards have dimmer's on them, do they?

Thanks so much for the heads up on this! I didn't find the one I really wanted (Gold Century), but I drove to some different Ross stores in my area and found Silver Blue/White and Clear/Purple Centuries and a Black Purple/Yellow Wizard all for the $16.99 each. I really just want all these for the bases which are awesome quality to me. Globes are super iffy, but I don't care about that so much. I'm gonna use these with 90s globes. I will try to go to some more Ross stores soon and see if I can't nab the elusive Gold Yellow/Red Century.

One weird thing with my finds was that any store I found had lamps, always had all the same ones like they didn't distribute a mix to each store, so I had to go to 3 different stores to get the 3 combos I was able to find. All the other stores I hit had none at all...

Yep Drew, same with my Ross.....they had like 4 white/blue wizzies...

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