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I have a few lamps that I am selling in case anyone is interested. If not, I will list them on eBay. I will entertain offers but please be fair!


Magenta Jet – Re-wired for US

Red Glitter Wizard – Silver Base - ***SOLD***

Purple Glitter Wizard – Silver Base

Clear Glitter Wizard – Silver Base ( I have the original box for this one ) - ***SOLD***

Blue Glitter Wizard – Black Base ( This has been refilled I believe. I purchased it from a fellow Goo Head.)


I do have an extra black wizard base if the black is more appealing than silver. - ***SOLD***


Anyway, that’s all for now.  Let me know if anything sounds good. Contact me for pictures and questions :-)


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Awwww, you're selling the Jet? :(

ONLY if I can get a decent offer for it. It is one of my top 3 favorites! I love that lamp.

Erin said:

Awwww, you're selling the Jet? :(

Why are you selling?

I could really use the cash right now.. I won't part with that one for very cheap.

Pics please!

Ben, can you PM me your email address for pics??

Hate that i missed the clear glitter wizard

What would you take on the wizards that are left

Do you have an extra silver wizard cap for 32 ounce bottle? If so how much

HOw much do you want for the last wizards

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