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Hello !

Glad to finally become a member to this community, seems to be a place with much knowledge..

Which leads me to the reason i come here. As you can see i come from Denmark, so buying one of this beast wasn't exactly cheap. I payed around 60 usd for the lamp it self and another 120 usd just for the shipment.


But when i recieved it it was all cloudy :( First off i contacted lava light directly, which suggested i placed the lamp in a cold room for a few days.. after 3 days with no change i contacted then again, but now they do not respond.


I've attached some pictures, so that you can se what iam talking about. IF lava lite did respond and they suggested that i sent it back it would cost me another 120 usd, so i have no choice but to try and fix this my self.


Do you have any suggestions ? Can i fix it without opening it or do i have to change the water ?



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a lamp that cloudy will never get clear from sitting/cycling etc. you have a couple of options:-


Pump it with a filter pump, lots of people say these are the best (although i have never used one myself)



replace the entire contents



obviously pumping is the easiest way.

lets see what other suggestions you get, and good luck!

Ford Prefect


Seems to be another 150 usd i have to spend on that pump just to get it working.. Shipping to Denmark is a problem when buying things from USA.. :( Maybe i can find such a pump in denmark..


Crestworth Limited  


Exactly.. I am quite dissapointed .. I spent alot of money on a lamp that is doesnt work. I heard that those kind of lamps should be great but i my mathmos is much much better. But my lamp seems to come from china.. Thought they were made in the states ?



I can try that thanks.. its just that i have allready tried to let it run for around 12+ hours and it doesnt seem to help at all. Iam not in reach of the lamp at the moment, but i will be tommorow, then i will post the number on the cap.


This is the kind of lamp i bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/27-LAVA-GRANDE-LAMP-/250795070644?pt=LH_Default...


It _should_ be with red wax and clear water.

It's sad these lamps do not survive the shipping process, nor is the quality what it used to be.
The older american made lamps were pretty resilient and would eventually clear up, but from the site of those pics I doubt it will clear up.

I would suggest contacting LL until you get an answer. I'm not sure a replacement would help.
Send them the pictures.
Perhaps ask for a refund.
Use the refund to order a goo kit or a filter and do some Dr. work. on it with a filter.

lol @ Crestworth.


Daniel i hear what you're saying about the price for the pump, i couldnt agree more. you should be able to get this sorted FOC, its a new lamp FFS.

i would not be happy to have to filter a lamp which is new

Ford Prefect said:

i would not be happy to have to filter a lamp which is new

Me either.
You could go for a mathmos lamp, but I'm not sure they have them at the size you want.
Which is why I assume you bought a grande.
Well i allready have a mathmos, which is way better than this lava grande.. But now that i actually have spend so many money on the lava grande i want to get it to work .. Im going to try to contact Lava lite again.
I have dealt with grandes like yours. If you do buy a msr filter pump it will clear it to an acceptable level. I never had success getting them 100% clear, but I got them close. You can also redo the lamp with a goo kit. And finally, if you want a replacement you will have to call and email every day until you get a response. If they do offer a replacement MAKE SURE YOU GET A TRACKING NUMBER! If you need any advice send me a private message, I went through the same thing your going through.

Crestworth Limited

Exactly. I really learned from this.


However i would still like to make the lamp work somehow. If i order this gookit will it then be shipped from the USA ? Because that might be to expensive for me :(

Yes, it will be shipped from the usa and it will be expensive.

Daniel Jørgensen said:

Crestworth Limited

Exactly. I really learned from this.


However i would still like to make the lamp work somehow. If i order this gookit will it then be shipped from the USA ? Because that might be to expensive for me :(

Okay i have just written Lava Lite an email with the following.. Lets see what they will respond with:


Hello Lava Lite Support

I recieved my brand new Lava GRANDE Lamp last week, it is however very cloudy. As i could read on the piece of paper that was with the lamp, this is very normal due to shipping. I followed the suggestions written on the paper, but the lamp which didnt resolve the issue. I contacted you back then and was told to place the lamp in a cold place for a few days, which i did but it is still very cloudy, and have not helped at all.

What should i do? Iam quite dissapointed, because i payed a lot for the lamp, and to get it shipped all they way to Denmark, only to recieve a faulty lamp. How shall we deal with this issue? I can send you pictures of the lamp if you want me too.


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