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Hi everyone,

I know this isn't a lava lamp but, I wondered if anyone has one? It is a giant Lava Grande Mystical Glitter lamp made by The Original Lava Brand. It is 27 inches tall, like their Lava lamp Grande.

It is brilliant, it changes colour through many different combinations and I love it. However, it is so very noisy! very noisy. If anyone has one of these lamps can you tell me if yours is noisy please?

Thanks for your help. :)

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Thanks for your help Astrobaby. I agree with what you say about the noise, it does sound like something going crazy lol, turbine, very loud coffee grinder etc. It is beautiful to look at when it changes though its many colours but, it drove me nuts after about 15 mins. I paid £10 for it secondhand so I cannot return it but, I think it is worth the tenner to use now and again.

I'm after a 70's Crestworth Astro like the one I had as a child, so far nothing has come up for sale. I bought the glitter light because it was cheap, my bid was £10 and that was it, so I won it lol. I will stick with Mathmos items, when I can find more to buy lol, they seem to be a bit thin on the ground at the moment.
Oh great, I bought I right pup then didn't I lol. :) Thanks, I will watch out for the leak and keep the windows closed lol.
UPDATE: This lamp is so noisy I just couldn't stand it anymore. My Husband totally stripped down the motor lubricated it etc and put it back together. It's no better, I have to say it is the biggest crock of noisy rubbish I've ever owned lol. May look beautiful but, I cannot stand the noise it drives me up the wall...................Watch out freecycle, one noisy lamp is coming soon. Well, I cannot sell it like that, it would be day light robbery :)
It seems to be just a water substance that the glitter swirls within when the motor turns the magnetic impeller inside the globe. It starts moving all the glitter in the bottle within seconds of turning it on.
It's a pile of (insert word here) It is totally beautiful though to watch, I love the look of it and could watch it for hours. It has to go though it is seriously doing my head in lol.
If you are going to chuck it, I wouldn't mind taking it apart to see what's going on.
If we do get rid of it I will get back to you. Hubby is going to try to track down another motor for it. It is such as shame it is so noisy as it would be a really good lamp.

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