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The votes have been tallied. Thank you to all who voted! We had some amazing entries!


The top vote-getter is photo #8, which belongs to Manix5 (aka Brad). Congratulations! :D Amazing photograph! Lava AND a hummingbird in the same pic - stunning!


Our runner up is photo #18, which belongs to Keith! Great shot and congratulations! Great composition - lava and oil! Very cool. 


Again, thank you to ALL our participants and voters. This was such a fun contest. :) I hope to be having another one in a few months, if Mark will let me :)


Brad and Keith, please pick your prize (Brad has first choice) and PM me and we'll get a package in the mail!

  • 1999 BNIB Lava Lite Yellow/Red 8402 (prize donated courtesy of Mark Goo)
  • 1999 BNIB Lava Lite Clear/Blue 8413 (prize donated courtesy of Mark Goo)
  • Lava Lite Blue/White Psychedelic Swirl (prize donated courtesy of Erin)

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And here are all the results from voting, for you curious types:

Wow, 2nd place!  I am honored :D  Thank you for hosting this competition Erin, it's been great to see all the creative input from our Gooheads.  Hopefully I can do as well (or better) next time.  Congratulations Manix5, that is a great shot!
Wow I came 4th!!!!!  Don't usually get any where near winning.  Well done to the winners.  Can't wait for the next one. Thank you Mark ane Erin.
Kudos to everyone for some innovative pics!
Congrats to the winners!  Nice shots.

I am truly honored and congratulations to all the other contestants too.  There were some really great entries here.  Thank you Mark and Erin for such a wonderful contest.


aka Brad Brown

New Palestine, IN

Brad, you've got first pick of the prizes. :D PM me your choice and address and we'll get it shipped!

Job well done... Congratulations on your wins and thanks for giving us all some some inspiring photos


Did not see the hummingbird. How lovely!
Gratz to the winners!!!  WTG!
A shame you dont offer a third price ! :(
I thought all the entries were great way too hard to come up with just one fav.

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