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I was futzing around the net tonight and stumbled upon lava lamps twitter page eventhough I don't use twitter lol.

So, what is up with this Lava Insiders club? Anyone know anything further about this and when it will start??

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Finally something that looks good and possibly not shrink wrapped? Who knows, but I like this one, might look cooler with silver glitter or metallic wax.

Thanks for the update, they should make these in 52oz styles. they always seem to focus on 32oz for some reason.

Also, I am part of the the lava insiders but rarely get updates, where are you getting the updates from?


well at least its 32oz and not 20 oz. and they posted on their facebook

When is this one coming out? Looks interesting.

I think all they just said soon, I'm sure we'll be emailed about it.

Dr What: Agreed on your point but it seems most of the newish stuff is always 32oz. The 52oz line definately needs some love.

Spencers does have some new 52oz models out, I need to get back there to take a peak again.

spencer's is definitely cheaper 

Everything on LL website selling for $35+ can be had a spencer's for $30.00 

Spencer's prices are generally good plus they had $5 any and all lamps recently, I think for back to school.

I just wish they carried grandes IN STORE so when the new glitter versions come out I can simply get one locally.

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