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My friend also has Lava lamp world lava lamps and apparently from what I have seen the light socket is loose and when barely moved it turns off and also this can be a fire hazard. 0_0. Anyways, I know how to replace or even fix it, I just need how to get it out of there. Please help. Thank you.

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You need to remove the felt pad bottom. Once done, you have full access to what you need. Any lamp shop should have replacement felt pads once you are finished as well.
Are you sure because I removed part of it and it is just aluminum?
From what I am feeling, there is an outer rim, an inner rim and a hole dead middle with a post that I am sure holds the lamp socket itself.

Remove the felt bottom. That is the ONLY way to get to the lamp socket.
Thanks man I really appreciate it......send me a friend request.
I have had to re-wire a vintage Planter lava base and it is very simple.

Remove the felt bottom and then remove the nut that holds the socket in place. Take the socket out of the top of the base and then replace the socket and/or power cord then re-assemble.

That is the great thing about lava bases is they are simple to fix if it is with the socket.

Hey I appreciate thanks =)
I've ran into a problem......I got the bolt out but I cant get the socket to come out please help. Step by step because I don't want to mess this up.
Did you disconnect the wiring? The bolt once removed and the wiring unscrewed - should allow the socket to come straight out.
I can't get to the wiring to d/c it
Ok. Let me make a guess here. The socket is disconnected but you cant pull it out because the cord won't let you right?
Exactly........the cord will not budge at all......just message me for time being or go to chat so it will be quicker
Have you removed the plug that is attached to the cord where it enters the lava lamp? I had to fix the light bulb socket for my lamp (the socket was crooked), and there is a little cylinder plug that snaps on to the cord where it enters the lamp, preventing more of the cord from being pulled inside (safety reasons, of course). Or does yours not have a plug?

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