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I’ve seen so picture charts with the different flows and if it’s to hot or cold  but the just right and the slightly too warm look the same to me in the pictures so I can never tell if/ when I should turn on my dimmers. What should I be looking for specifically and how much do I dim the lamps because sometimes I will turn the dimmer on and it stops flowing like it got to cold 

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Hi , hope your doing well . For me I use the chart , then for. My lamp when it gets to hot or close to it I will lower it slightly . You sorta have to test each nite to what works best for you . U don’t want all the lava at the top or bottom both to hot and to cold will do this . So let the lamp get hot then lower the dimmer a little and see what happens.

once you do that say it flows good for another hour then leave the dimmer where it is . Hope this helps

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