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Ok, I know I read this somewhere on here, but now can't find it.  My son's lava is stuck in this formation.  I moved it to a warmer room, but nope.  Swirled it, nope.  Call lava lite and they told me run it for 8 hours at a time.  Well I got it to work then shut it down and it stuck like this again.  I'm using a 40 watt original spencer's bulb which I took out of my 52 oz neon and I put a appliance bulb in mine.  Mine works fine with the appliance bulb.  My son's 52 oz neon doesn't seem to like any bulb!!  Should I get a 60 to melt it?  Help?  This all started when the bulb blew and it went from overheated, super hot in the middle of the night to I guess cool down mode.  He doesn't have an ac in his room but it is cold with the fan running.  I thought it was too cold, but this pic was taken in my hot laundry room and still nothing.

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wrap it in a towel or my personal choice is to put a warm sock on it, I use hockey socks

I was thinking blow dryer time!!!  While it is lit I presume or no??

yes while it is lit, i have had to "jump start" several of mine in the past this way, it is a gentle way of heating them without overheating them

I couldn't find a sock big enough, so I tried the blow dryer method.  Also, took my 40 watt bulb out and put a 60 watt A15 in to help get it cooking a bit faster.  Figure it was already overheated and clouded up anyway.  It worked!!!!  the only problem is now I think it mite be too hot because it lost it's nice flow and is now looking like a peashooter, shooting little blobs all over.  Once I get it cooled mite put the 40 watt back in and see since I got the wax melted again will it continue to run normally.  Ever since this summer started my lamps are all acting different. 


Thnx for the tips!!!

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