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Does anyone know or have a list of lava lite globes ranked by how common/rare they are? I apologize if there is a list somewhere, probably right under my nose, and I just haven't noticed yet... I have come across the lava library already and it's very helpful but that's about it.

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I think rarity is a bit up-in-the-air. Any given collector may feel that some are rarer than others. I'll give my opinins here. I think the colors that're uncommon include white/pink, white/orange, white/green, white/red, white/purple, cranberry, and teal. White/red, white/purple, red/purple ("Royal Red," actually pink lava), pink/pink, orange/orange are rare. Black/orange, the batch of black that became chocolate brown, orange/clear, #08 lemon yellow, #06 coral red (both Princess colors originally), red/blue, green/blue, and green/yellow are extremely rare.

I appreciate the info. So I have a few uncommon globes it seems. I see a lot of the #03 blue and white globes around and a lot of #09 purple and clear as well.

This may help a bit


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