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WOW!  LavaLite has really ramped up their stock.  I notice Shylling Inc. owners of LavaLite have recently kicked out some NEW really cool lamps.  I'm predicting the Disco Ball lamp will increase in value  down the line for collectors who purchase to sell for profit later on.  I'm not of fan of the 14'' lamps so I'm going to pass on the new entries.  If they created the disco ball and 70's inspired velvet coated lamps in 27'' I would buy two of each from the get go.  Speaking of the 27'' Grande series they do have a couple of the regular colors back in stock after a long hiatus with new price increases.  Do notice the CUSTOM COOL line 27'' lamps they now have 4 new bases that go crazy perfect with some of the new globe color options.  I'm guessing the sleeping giant finally woke up and decided to start creating and selling again.  For a while there the site had few options until lately which for collectors is a Win-Win.  I've also noticed SPENCERS Gifts has also started to ramp up with new designs unavailable on the LavaLite website and some of the lamps I've seen on SPENCERS site are selling for two and three times the amount on Ebay.  That being said...If you're looking to add to your collection now's a good time to look at a lot of new options.  Have fun collectors.  

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