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Finally have my 2 Grandes placed & plugged in. I'll report back when they're active. The green is crystal clear & gorgeous, the pink has a little haze. Not sure if its related or not but the pink's styrofoam block between the globe & base was crushed so the base was pushed down over the globe. There's no other damage to the box or the lamp so the packaging did its job, but I wonder if that had anything to do with the haze of the globe. I'm hoping it clears up.
Oh, and there's a slight smear of wax in the pink globe, but no evidence of the wax getting knocked out of the bottom during shipping. Nonetheless, it did take a strong blow to crush that styrofoam. I'm guessing it was an upside down hit because the weight of the globe itself must have done it. Otherwise there'd be damage to the box. They should make the "this end up" markings more visible, but I really wonder if anyone ever pays attention to those markings anyway.

Thats frustrating, if you wanna return they should accept that regardless of the fact that theres a bulb on the way. I tried my own 40w reflector and it didnt change things. This wax is too light, barely melts and flows and stays at the top, no matter how much you dim or what bulb/base combination it still stays up top when it barely melts, i opened mine and refilled with water instead of the liquid, fired it up and it did the SAME thing, barely melts and it all flows to the top even on straight water! This wax is way too light.

Which would also explain the doming when cools. As the wax cools down it stays domed because its so light it barely needs heat to dome, then when the temperature drops too much it will just harden in place instead of going flat since the density of the wax is so light itll dome with that little bit of heat left over, when other lamps will go flat within 5 min of turning it off, then will stay liquid but flat for another 30-45 minutes until the temperature drops and hardens. These harden in place because the little bit of heat that keeps them molten for those 5 minutes after turning it off is also enough heat to dome the wax.

Has anyone experienced with methods to add density to the wax? Theres no improvement to be done here since even on straight distilled water ALL the wax flows to the top and stays there. If i could add density to the wax, maybe itll flow down as expected.

Erin said:

They won't send me an RMA until I've tried the other bulb, which supposedly shipped yesterday. We'll see. I'm guessing that bulb isn't going to fix the lava that's stuck at the very top of the lamp. 

I like blended strawberry w/ sugar on rim.  With an occasional shot straight up for good measure. *scrounges around in fridge for the Camarena silver.*
lalalava said:

margaritas are great...im a more of a tequila straight up kinda girl though! double shots with lime n salt mmmm...
Brad said:

went out for mexican and margaritas...didn't make it to hardware store.  still drinking

I am running the Century today. It's moving, but it looks like there are small chunks of unmelted wax in there. 

The Grandes are fine, but there are still small smears of wax on the globes. Moreso on the green one. 

Got some R16 bulbs for the centuries today. $3 each. Will post comparison pics later when they warm up.

See, I don't think the wax is too light in the Century. I think it's too heavy and there's too much of it. 

I'm going to let the thing go all night and see what tomorrow brings. It's moving, but the flow is horrible for the most part. 

Erin, I finally ran my Grandes today. They are amazing! But yeah, I ended up with some sticking wax on the green as well. I'm hoping it works itself off. I had no indication it would do that before starting up.

Erin said:

I am running the Century today. It's moving, but it looks like there are small chunks of unmelted wax in there. 

The Grandes are fine, but there are still small smears of wax on the globes. Moreso on the green one. 


Great photo Ben!

The wax smears should burn off. You don't notice them unless you are up close. 

Green Grande sticking. Still loving it:

They will burn off the more you run it, Ben.  My Green had one smear that grew to a pea sized blob and then even larger.  I just kept it running and it is now completely gone.   The Pink had a few small streaks of dried wax on the globe when I got it, but they too burned off.  

Good to hear. I'm very happy with them so far, and the wife hasn't said a word! :-)

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