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Good Afternoon! 

I am moving at the end of the summer, and need to get rid of some of my collection. I'd prefer to sell the whole bunch at once, but i'm willing to break stuff up. I do not want to ship, so its got to be pickup only. (I live in Fredericksburg, VA). 

I've got the following for sale:

1- Saturna (SOLD)

1- Century

1- Heritage Century (Goo-kit) 

1-Heritage Wizard (Goo-kit)

2- Midnight Century Bases

2- Midnight Aristocrat Bases and 1 Cap

1- 2007 Coach-lite Lantern w/ fitting vintage bottle.

1-Brass Capri w/ dents.

1- 5-Prong Carramar (DEAL PENDING) 

A bunch of boxes+ manuals and extra globes/parts. 

I'll post pictures as I cant seem to add them to this post. Shoot me offers if you're interested! 

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Here are some photos. I also have a 5 pronged carramar lamp and an infinite motion lite lamp for sale as well.   


what do you have as far as 52oz empty globes and springs?

2 52 oz globes and 2 springs

Rory.  Pm’d You 

Friend request sent. I've always wanted a capri and carramar.

very interested in the saturna and maybe capri, friend request sent

Hey Guys,

If you sent me messages the last few days I apologize for not responding. I was traveling quite a bit. I should have responded to everyone by now, if not send me another pm! 

Hi can you friend me I want to know the prices on the centery silver or just the base if that works and the gold one too.

Alex, the gold tone century $60 and the heritage century is 25$. 

Do you do shipping because might be able to get the silver one

Saturna has been sold and the Carramar is currently on hold for a pending deal. I am now shipping. 

I'm interested in the coach lamp and what looks to be an original green clear 52oz without a base.

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