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Hi all,
I have ordered a goo kit fro Gookits.com and would be grateful for any info.
I haven't picked this up from its delivery address yet so haven't seen it.
I see it comes with a quart of goo and a tri-colouring kit.
Is the goo white to begin with and you just add colouring depending what colour you want it?
Are there instructions explaining how to get certain colours?
I read on another thread about black wax, is this possible with this gookit or is that a seperate thing?
I do not seem to be having much luck getting a reply from gookits website or jonnymagma on here, so any advise appreciated.

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There are no instructions on how to mix the colours, seems to be luck if you want something special and manage to get it right. I used the whole of the goo and slightly more than 1 g (out of 1,5 g) of the blue colour. See my photos for the result.
So, how many colours come with the kit, and what are they?
Is it just trial and error mixing the colours to see if you come up with a result you like?
Red, yellow and green, yes, trial and error, except you have to stick with your choice. You can add colour, but not the other way around.
orbitz, thanks for the reply. if there are red, yellow and green, how did you make blue?
Sorry I was a little stressed out when I was writing that, red, yellow and blue, was the colours included.
The orange is our black light orange. In regular light it is orange and when you put a black light on it, it is atomic orange.

How do you make orange? Just use a little red and add yellow? Or is there a special way / order for that?
You can add little chunks of the dye while the lamp is running to change the color. To mix to a specific color you start with the lighter, in this case yellow and add red little by little until you get the desired color. You have to give it time to cycle into the wax each time you add the color.

Alternatively, you can purchase the black light pack from our website and it comes with orange, green and blue.
is it possible to buy the goo kit with the blacklight kit, instead of the tri colour pack, as this is really what i was originally after, and again have it shipped to orlando FL? Also what would i have to order if i wanted the Black goo? One more question, where do i buy distilled water in USA we used to have it in UK car spares stores but it has been replaced with Deionised water. i have a Reverse osmosis and DI unit for my aquarium. Would water filtered through that be as pure and suitable as distilled? Do they sell it in target/places like that, or Home Depot? thanks
o this going to b great, Im like a kid in a candy store lol i can't wait !
Most grocery stores will have distilled water in gallon jugs.
there isn't much call for a dehumidifier in the UK!

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