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This a fun thread and something we used to do years ago.

When you see a lava lamp on TV. Name the show/episode/time and what model you saw. 

You will be amazed at how often lava lamps are in our entertainment. 

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That was funny!!!!!  Nice to see some of these great older threads jump-started again.........nice find Alex..

Of course only us would notice that, lol!!!!!  That's the ironic part of it.  Most people wouldn't even notice!

So, The Minions movie has lava lamp guns that shoot lava.  The lab they were made in has an at least 8 foot tall lava lamp.  I tried to find screenshots from the movie but haven't been able to.  I thought it was awesome!  Of course, my wife was rolling her eyes lol

The same thing happened to me, Keith. I just kept to myself, but my brother poked me and pointed them out. He knows I have some sort of a lava problem. ;)

Ah. The new Lunar from Mathmos!! LOL

Well, they were in London

Critter said:

Ah. The new Lunar from Mathmos!! LOL

There's an episode of Scrubs where we see inside of one of the character's head. I spotted what I think are Midnight Centurys and possibly Grandes. The episode number is 6 of season 4 and the title was "My Cake" and was in the first minute.

I was Channel surfing last night an found this.

From "Taxi" in the 80's.  I don't know which episode.  Tom Hanks, lava lamp, and "brownies"

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