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This a fun thread and something we used to do years ago.

When you see a lava lamp on TV. Name the show/episode/time and what model you saw. 

You will be amazed at how often lava lamps are in our entertainment. 

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The Big Bang Theory

Hot Troll deviation - ~ 8:30  Wolowiztz is climbing into his bed.

On right side of screen lava lamp on corner shelf. Safari lamp on end table.


I was watching the series Smallville and the episode called relic had a lava lamp mid way though. I called out 28.30 min in but that was on TV so if you have the DVD then it's about midway though I think. In the high school's newspaper office.
Another Smallville episode Perry. In the high school newspaper office again. This time a blue/red globe.
in the office, the michael scott paper company has one

Dr who had a few episodes with lava lamps, Here's one I just noticed.

There is another I know of with a bunch of centuries on top of a mechanical looking device.





In the current Ally Bank commercial where the punk rocker is singing in the studio, there is a new China Lava Lamp behind the sound mixer at the 6 second mark. The lamp is just sitting there overheated and cloudy with the lava in one big blob on the bottom. You would think with the opportunity to do a product placement they could have at least found one decent lamp!


Here is a link to the commercial on YouTube.


1000 ways to die. not sure of the episode. but its the one where the drug addict takes a bunch of speed, pharmaseudicals, and smokes a bunch of pot, among other illegal narcotics. he starts tripping out on everything, and finally settles on his lava lamp. looks to be a china 20oz purple/yellow. but its moving too slow, so he puts it in the microwave to speed it up.. and BOOM. the lamp explodes in the microwave.i shall end my description there haha.
Oh man, I just remembered I saw an aristocrat on the local news. It was sitting next to a judge in a courtroom and it was just starting up, wonder if she is really listening to the defendants or just watching the lamp.

Here's a old school QVC recording selling a #03 midnight with host Mike Rowe, the guy from Dirty Jobs, Ford commericals, etc. Hes a funny dude.



saw one on another american 'the office'

at Jim's house, there is {possibly} a silver streak with a wizard top in his room

 I have caught a few shows over the years on lava lamps. This one has Marcia Brady talking about it with some inside factory shots etc...



  This was a episode of That 70's Home that had lavas as the topic...


A Zebra lava made its way into a Swiffer commercial..


 In the Sapranos, Christopher always had a 32oz lava running in his apartment, the lamp color changed over the years but 90% of the time there was a lava on his entertainment center.

 I have also seen a episode of David Letterman where he rolls a bowling ball into a bunch of running lava lamps set up like pins and ends up destroying most of them :(


Then we have the lava lamp deconstructed...

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