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This a fun thread and something we used to do years ago.

When you see a lava lamp on TV. Name the show/episode/time and what model you saw. 

You will be amazed at how often lava lamps are in our entertainment. 

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That was awesome. I love his sense of humor.
""A singular opportunity to not only enjoy the effects of bubbling lava, but fuse all your fingers together and create a little webbed appendage for you."

Gemlite Continental (aka 'Oval') on Tales From The Darkside 1984 episode "Bigalow's Last Smoke"

Mathmos Lunar on Absolutely Fabulous 1995 episode "Happy New Year" (this Lunar was actually seen quite a few times in this series, either turned off or on but really cloudy)



Looks like a clear/red giant in the background.

Hunter lava on British sitcom 'George & Mildred' episode "The Unkindest Cut Of All" (1977)
I own that very Hunter Sata-lite! Cloudy clear/purple.

Check this out from Storage Wars:



Also the video.  At the 15:25 point for about 4 seconds


The dollar values are NOT for the lamp. lol

Keith said:

Check this out from Storage Wars:


Another Hunter Sata-lite (cloudy) from George & Mildred episode "Just The Job" (1978)

Another clip.....

Here they swapped out the cloudy Hunter to a different Hunter model (note the different cap)

I cant get a link... but on the new release of Hoodwinked Too (animated) I believe its chapter 7 and the wolves trailer is getting blown up and he is at the squirrels trailer.. well the squirrel has a whole lava wall in hes trailer..

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