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Hai everyone! Just want to say this place is awesome, I never expected to find such massed enthusiasm for Lava Lamps!

anyway, I really need help with something.
I love my lamp. I rescued it from being thrown away when it's old owner didn't want it anymore. It took me a long time to find just the right lightbulb for it, but once I had that it worked a treat!

It worked just how I expected a lava lamp to for about a month. Then solid bits of the lava started to build against the side of the glass, even when it had been on for ages! I assumed it would melt off and I kept using the lamp. But slowly the mass of static lava has risen up one side of the lamp. Here are some pictures:

I assumed it would be a simple matter of unscrewing the lid and scrubbing the lava off the glass somehow. Two problems though: 1. I don't have any such tool that could do that and 2. The lid won't come off.

I'm probably being a idiot asking for help when I'm trying to fix a lamp that was due for the bin anyway, but I'll never afford a lamp again and I'd really like to keep this one working. Is there any way I can fix this problem wihout having to take the lid off? I'm hoping for an answer like submerge it in hot water or something..

anyway, any advice would be very very apreciated!!
Thanks everyone!

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Not cool! Actually this is a cheap China knock off but they still have a reasonable flow to them. Maybe it's a bit old and the wax has become runied. Wax in any lava lamp only has a finite lifespan.
"Wax in any lava lamp only has a finite lifespan."

ah, this is probably a pretty old lamp!
I'm really impressed you can tell so much from a picture or two!!
I'll try running it for several hours like you suggested. This idea makes sense to me, trying to melt it off the sides.

thanks alot!!
Yes indeed jhammo, try running it until it's really hot and then very gently tip the lamp over the 'sticking' side and see if you can 'melt' it off that way. It may mean having to keep it in that position for some considerable time. Do be careful as you're dealing with a very hot lamp with hot liquid and electriccs too. Good luck. J
Two of my Hunter Sata-Lites do this (1970's cheapo alternative to Crestworth but now pretty collectable in their own right). Sadly, they're beyond help and one day I hope to replace the wax within them. I may even use a blue glitter as that is pretty unusual in the 'Hunter' series. They are also often seen with amber glitter or strands of metallic foil.
Try wrapping Aluminum foil around it and letting it run for a few hours. This will quickly heat up the sides. This technique doesn't work all the time but it's worth a shot.
Great idea!
thankyou very much!
Some people would question the necessity of an online community, purely revolving round a type of lamp. I don't! Your AWESOME! I wrapped my lamp up in foil and left it on for almost a whole day. Check it out!:

Worked a treat!!
Thankyou so much everyone! Other than a bit of lava lingering at the top, it's as good as new!
cool (hot) method. well done!
Glad to see that worked for you!

sorry for reviving an old thread. You guys are awesome, i had the same problem with my lamp and now, PRESTO i wrapped it with foil and now it flows amazingly thank you lava lamp community

Thanks for the information.  The aluminum foil worked great no more sticking to the side.  Glad to find a group interested in lava lamps.  Will post some pics of my collection at a later date.


How do you keep your lava from sticking to the sides while it's running. I made my own lava and it was working great and now the lava just runs along the sides up to the top. Please don't say dish soap because i have tried that and it makes my lava flake almost like dandruff

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