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Last month I had the manager at Spencer's acquire for me the complete set of KISS lava lamps.  No store had them all and he could no longer order them for his own store.


After getting them home, I was very disappointed to find that all four were as cloudy as pond water. Not just cloudy, but the dye had leaked and made the actual clear liquid colored. I put all four on a timer and cycled them but they still look terrible.

Of course, I could just refill them - but that kills the whole collector's value of the set.

I have left messages for Paula Rigowsky many times over the last month and have not had even a single call back.

So much for the "new" Lavalite customer service that everyone was talking about a few months ago.

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Paula has never returned my phone calls, you have to keep calling until she picks up.


It's unfortunate, what I might do is.

1. Continue calling until you get a person on the phone.

2. Write an email or registered letter to the company.

3. If paid by credit card, see if a charge back would work, but in reality, you might have to bring back the lamps.

4. I would offer to purchase amercian globes from fellow goo heads or search for them on eBay. 

5. Refill them.


If it were me I would probably pick 4. The only reason is, the kiss lamps themselves are probably difficult to acquire.

Although you may not have the original globes, a "working" american made globe may be worth more.


I can just take them back to Spencer's for my money, so I'm not worried about that.  The manager was very understanding.


But for the collector's value of the KISS lamps, they would have to be all original.  They could not have USA globes and caps.  Collectors are very picky about that kind of thing. 



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