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Greetings fellow lava lovers,

Willing to part with my some Carramar lamps for some globes in return. Interested in any clear liquid/colour combo.

I have two up for grabs. Both are rocket styled (not the crown looking base that was later released), with the three pronged base (Riveted version).

Will post some pics up over the weekend.

Just a heads up, I'm in Oz.

Ciao for Now!


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I'm also keen on metallics....that may be a long shot but I'll put the word out there....don't ask, don't get!

Greetings all,

Just an update.

One lamp sold, one remaining (red globe and used base).

That is all.

How do I get a message to appear here? I'm interested in your last lamp?
I'm in Melbourne and are very keen on purchasing your lamp please
Hi, sorry
My chat doesn't seem to work on my phone?

One successful transaction completed!

100% genuine and honest. Just ask Jack.


Greetings. Both lamps are now gone.

Thanks everybody.

For those who missed out, I will have more available to trade in the not too distant future.



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