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Ok, I've been on here for a few months now and thought it'd be nice to see what everyone looks like (since we'll likely never meet).

Who wants to go first? :)

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Now that's what I like to see - a noob getting right into sharing the face! 

OMG your a member of Amon Amarth arnt ya?!?!?!?!
Loren said:

Heerz mah ergle fayce!

Here is a very recent photo of me, with the guitarist of Volbeat

Lookin' good MMTT!

Ok, here goes...

Burning Man at Black Rock City, Nevada

"Playa time" :)

My not so baby, baby girl, and I

Just lil ol' me

good to see you siryn!  how's burning man?

Thanks Brad, and Lalalava! Brad, BM is unlike any other festival. It's fantastic, challenging, and spiritual. I think anyone with a free spirit and open mind needs to go at least one in a lifetime. I love going, just can't go every year because it can be costly since I take my hippyfied camper across the US :) Tents just don't hold well to 70 mph dust storms.

Excellent pictures, Siryn! You and your daughter both look about 18. :p

Loren you are way too kind! She is 24, and has two children. But, I'll take that compliment with big smiles!!! ;)

Loren said:

Excellent pictures, Siryn! You and your daughter both look about 18. :p

Ok so I have to post again...I'm so overly proud of this. These guys are pretty much Hero's to me.

This is me with Ivan Moody, lead singer, and Chris Kael bass player of Five Finger Death Punch


Great pics of you, Trev!!!   What is that gesture you're making?  In our neck of the woods, that means something really, really nasty.  Daddy and Mama would have smacked us into week after next for that....... ;-))

That hand sign means rock on its not a nasty sign at all it shows your love for rock and roll

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