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Limited edition blue/red astro just posted on mathmos.com.

Mathmos will be appearing on the TV series “Made in Britain” which starts on new channel “Blighty” on Monday the 9th. To celebrate this they are offering a limited run of the original astro in patriotic blue and red. Pretty cool.

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Yeah hope they are numbered it will make them more ltd. I will be recording this episode and can post it by mail for anyone who want a dvd let me know thanks john
Yeah, that would be a cool astro to have. Red/blue looks awesome together.
no problem has anyone checked out the website.
is this the surprise that was supposed to come out this year??
Woo-Hoo!! i just ordered a red/blue bottle because i have the base and cap from a previous lamp but the globe is cloudy as all hell.

The base has an 'Austin Powers' sticker on it for the film (don't worry, i didn't an idiot's price) it was about £15 including postage many years ago. I think the red/blue will look superb and it'll give me the incentive to bring this lamp out of storage too!

Happy days!!!
Thanks sweety...sorry i never emailed you, i'm just A BAD BAD person...hehe! i'm going to make more effort to talk to all because i'm so lazy. Astro, when i read your posts about you missing me i have to admit i cried like a baby, i was so sad that i left....

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