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Limited edition Lava Grande with blue liquid, white wax. I was told only 100 made?

Its in original unopened packing box,

Make reasonable offer. These were selling on eBay for $300 Plus when available.

I have one opened one I'm keeping as collectors items.

I will post pics of opened one soon as I dig out of storage

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Hello everyone the blue white are awesome. But I must say I coincidentally just scored an awesome blue/white giant off the craigslist. Man I was soo happy I just ran it for the first time last night. It looks brand new to me. If I told what I paid for it you would not believe it. Try 40 bucks WOOOWIEEE!!
I never thought about craigslist for lava lamps. Congrats on the great deal :)
Post some pics. I may be interested.
It's BRAND NEW in sealed ffactory box. I'd rather not open the box unless it's a done deal.
I'm sure the fact its new in box adds to value.
I can post pics of my used one if you don't know what they look like?
Have to dig it out of starage room. I'm preparing to sell my home, Lava lamps. plasma lamps and other collectors nik naks don't look good when you're selling your home.
Accept my friend invite so I can email my offer.
Okie. I'm new to this :)
Well I put the other one away because I had to clear up the clutter. Of all the Lava Lamps I own this and my 2 3 color lamps rock the best :)

And I'm an old man. :D
They are the best looking lamps if you like blue, which I do :) They do eat ealectricity tho. They have 100 watt bulbs. And in California where electricity is expensive (my bill is over $600 in summer) and I've switched all my incandescent bulbs to florescent. And part of the reason I stored my lava lamps. These boogers make a lot of heat to keep that wax hot :) Oh, I long for the days of cheap electricity, where you had your room of lava lamps, plasma lamps, infinity lamps and led pictures and in the really old days black lights and strobe lights and laser displays. (yes I have all of these... sigh. Perhaps it's I'm just getting old :( heh
We don't become old, we acquire vintage. Blue/white rocks! One of my favorite color combos.
I just checked on PG&E's website, their estimate for running one 100-watt bulb for 8 hours per day would cost about $36 per year, just under 10 cents per day. ENJOY your LAVA!
BTW I have blacklights, strobes, laser, lightbox, etc. stored with extra Lava also. You can't display everything, so use your favorites and rotate the others ;-)
I'm in Edison country. I am a quadriplegic. I need A/C 24/7 because my body doesnt sweat. I have 4 bdrms. A hell of alot of power consumers. They charge you by BASE limit. You are allowed so many Kilowatts per monrh base at that price. Then if you go over those, you go on Extended Over Base 1%-30%. Those KWH are almost twice as base, Then you go on Base 31%-100% rates those are another twice the 1-30% then its 100-200% thats twice what 31-100% then there is over 200% those are only approx 75% over 200% (such a deal)

Out here in the desert in a 2400 sq foot house my monthly power is $3-500 and I'm on disabilty. So I get extra BASE units. My moms is $7-800 a month. They have an older A/C unit. And mom likes it cool.

And do you think Edison gives us a break out here because we live in the desert? Ha!

Why do we live in the desert? It's dry for arthritis. Clean air, Golf courses for those whodo that. amd the winters in the 70-80's attract people from all over the world.
We're 30 miles up a road to a 10,000 ft altitude mountain. We have Casinos if you're into that within 1-10 miles. Colorado river is 3 hour drive, 90 minutes to 2 hours to the beach
We have any terrain or rural or urban... It's beautiful here. One window I see 10,000 ft mountains. The other flat desert with bushes, cactus, yucca trees. The other, soft rolling hills. And that's just 3 sides of my house! Of course the fourth window is the people next door.
But it's beautiful. Hot? Yes, summers are 100 to 120 at hottest. Winters are 70's-80's and spring and fall is 70-100. But it's DRY HEAT. Noy humid, muggy unbearable heat. Toasty, dry hehe.

Oh, I live 10 miles from Palm Springs in case you wondered.
Google Palm springs pics
Hi Bohdan,
This is Carmen, I haven't written here in a while. I have a project I want to try when I get home. I'm planning to make a pink/pink colossus out of the clear/black colussus I have now. I have tried sitting the clear/black in the sun, but the wax is just too soft and it constantly bleeds dye into the water. So I currently have 5 giants which I plan to use on the black marbled base which I got with the colussus. I have to let you know how things turn out when I get back home. I'm gonna try to get this done during the Christmas holiday.
I used your method for capping on my colussus. ALL of them have had problems. I even had the problem with the switch that you had. Then I had a wire loose on the lamp, by the bulb. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Yes, I still have the clear/red colussus and the purple/red (which is my favorite1). Those are the 3 that I have. I decided that was enough. Especially with all the different problems. When I am ready to start my project I know I will be contacting you for advice.

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