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Hey gang

LL just fired out a bunch of videos showing the flow on all new lamps. Take a look here...


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I think they should of picked a better time to take these vids because to be some of those lamps seem to be overheated.  Throwing off a ton of small globettes......Then the one Anniversary has that one big blob stuck at the top like it's not even hot enough......honestly if one were to decide on purchasing a lava lamp from these vids, it's not very promising.....


What does everybody else think of some of the flows of these vids?  Should be interesting to see what other members think as to each his own on LL flow, lol!!!

I follow LL on Facebook, and its funny to read some of the comments. People (non collectors) are just so amazed with how awesome the lamps are. Its funny to read them. The flow really doesnt matter to them, cause they really dont know how a real lamp should flow. I think if folks see the lamp "working", they think all is good. And that is what keeps LL alive. Non collectors, collage kids, and moms buying them for there kids room. I think we are the only ones that see what kinda crap LL is putting out these days. 

I know.  I think the same thing.  Like they must have never ever watched a vintage lava lamp flowin away!!! 

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