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About 20 years ago, I purchased a non - brand Very Special Lava - type Globe lamp. The globe itself was glass and approximately 8 inches in diameter. It swirled in a circle of blue liquid with a silverish - colored wax like material. The lamp was quite unique and very much resembled the Earth as seen from space. It also had various controls on the base for Speed and type of swirling rotation. I've since broken mine and have been unable to locate a replacement. In fact, I haven't been able to even find a photograph of one similar to mine. Can anyone tell me where to look or what it may have been called at the time. I'd like to buy one if I can locate it.

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I'm sure there is someone here who can tell you what that is, but it would help if we had pictures to see.

Do you have some pictures that you can post of the lamp?

Could it be a Mystic-lite, as pictured on the right in the link below?


Hi! Thanks to the few of you who have responded to my inquiry. This was not a "Mystic Lite" - it came many years before that, and is not illuminated from the inside. It is an actual swirling combination of liquids in a glass 6 to 8-inch globe. Unfortunately, it broke before I could ever take a photograph of it. I would give anything to find out who made it, what it was, or if I could even locate a picture of one so I can continue my search. Mine, the glass one, even had a few smaller less expensive "copycats" that were not glass but a type of plastic that broke easily. What a mess! Atually, when this happened, I learned that the sterling silver material was not wax, but more like a melted plastic . I'm sure they didn't last long since the globes were not glass. Mine must have been a "better product", as it was real glass. You guys are fantastic! Maybe, with a few more replies, someone will remember this item know of it, or even have one in their collection. I'm so grateful! EG
Hiya. Please don't give up guys! possibly, this is the only perfectly round, globe - shaped lava - type lamp ever made, roughly 6 inches in diameter. Given the fact that almost every lava lamp I've ever seen is "rocket ship - shaped", this one has got to stand out in somebody's memory! Keep thinking. One exists somewhere which will answer my dreams. EG

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