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I need a screw top cap for a 52oz globe.  Please contact me if you have an extra one you'd like to sell.

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I have one!

It's a vintage gold cap

$10 shipped -Paypal

Hey Bob - thanks for letting me know, but I should have stated that I'm looking for a black cap.

You could paint it.....

Brad said:

Hey Bob - thanks for letting me know, but I should have stated that I'm looking for a black cap.

ok bob - i gave it some thought and will purchase it from you.  please be in contact with me through PM. thanks!

Sand and paint it. All the caps were black plastic anyway, the golds and silvers were painted.

yeah, i'm just lazy. :)

hey bob - i sent you a message.  let me know.  if anyone else has a spare black screw cap for a 52oz lamp, please let me know.

i'm still looking for a 52oz screw top cap!

I'm looking for 2 or 3 black plastic screw-on caps, (preferably gold finish), starlite bases, produced late 60's, early 70's.... 52 oz?   Does anyone know when they can be purchased or if they're even available?

Further to my inquiry for 2 or 3 plastic screw-on caps...

I managed to reconstruct the black plastic cap that shattered when trying to remove from an old 52 oz Lava Lite jar.  (It seems to have been glued on.)  The cap shattered into about 15 pieces.  I decided to pull the pieces out of the trash and try using JB Weld's Kwik set epoxy to repair.  I let each piece cure before gluing the next.   I cut up a small plastic flower pot to create 3 pieces I couldn't find.  After reconstructing the cap, I coated the entire exterior with the epoxy.  After curing, I sanded it smooth.  The reconstructed cap is solid, screws on tight, and is a little thicker / heavier than before. Now it just needs painted.  Does anyone have any broken or cracked caps they'd like to get rid of, providing the interior threads are available?  (The threads would probably be difficult to reconstruct from the inside.)

I found soaking the pieces in acetone for three or four minutes quickly removed the original gold paint and allowed the epoxy to bond much better.

nice job, rod.  sounds tedious.

Your right, it was... like a jigsaw puzzle.  I almost gave up three or four times, and had to walk away.  I finally developed a technique, and I'm glad I didn't give up.  I'm really happy with the results.  (The cap isn't very pretty from the inside, but the outside is what matters.)

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