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Post here what you want and then PM me your offer. If you do not follow this process I may ignore you.

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I had all of my lamps packed up for about 6 months and now that I finally have them unboxed some of the charm has faded for me, so I am getting rid of some stuff I no longer want.

All reasonable offers accepted. If several items are bought I often throw in some free stuff just to get rid of things.    

Estimated shipping costs:

1 base/globe   $10

1 full lamp       $15

2 full lamps     $20

If the item is marked out it has been sold.

Shark wave machine

Brand new condition

Wave vessel

The tube is in moderate condition. The inside formula is good though.

Bead tornado thing

Makes a bit of a racket, but it’s neat.

Pyramid fountain


Large glitter lamp with clear liquid

Blue bulb included

China turquoise glitter globe

Very dark, looks red at the top

USA 20oz purple glitter lamp

Fantastic lamp

USA 20oz purple glitter lamp with large glitter flakes

Looks and runs great, but after a while the glitter stalls


It is made for living fish, but I put fake ones in that won’t die

4 Mathmos 30 watt reflector bulbs (UK)


rocket with wire legs

Refilled with orange goo kit. Looks and runs great

Bullet lamp with purple/orange liquid and silver base


Lavagami blue

Some small tears, nothing major

Lavagami white

Some small tears, one large tear (pictured)

Mathmos bubble

Comes with original box

Blue flocked 32oz base and cap

I made this a while back. I lost interest in it

Red clearview

I filtered the globe

Peace lamp base no cap

I accidentally threw away the cap during the move and now I feel sick when I look at it

Silver tube with blue/red globe

Refilled with lava lite formula






Too lazy to unbox the projector. Heres a stock image.













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Send me an offer.

Critter said:

Interested in the teardrop and latern base and cap will you pm me your sales price?



Hello Autumn..............I'm interested in the laserpod,green fluidium bottle and the black rocket base and cap.

The lantern is in pretty good shape. The bottom felt is present. There are scratches on the rods where the cap mounts onto it, but otherwise theres just normal wear and tear on it. The drop is in good shape, I am not aware of any issues with it beyond it needing to be refilled. I will have to look at them when I get home to verify everything.

Critter said:

Ok. Can you tell me the condition of them? Especially the lantern.


The fluidium globe may be taken. Send me your offer for the laserpod and rocket.

Joe said:

Hello Autumn..............I'm interested in the laserpod,green fluidium bottle and the black rocket base and cap.

Autumn............I just sent you an invite

Hi Autumn, is the 8 oz. starship that has been re-filled with a goo kit, the little black one, blue/green, near the bottom of the page?  If so, I like it, it's cute.  Is it alright for me to send you a PM?

Yes it is still available. Pm me an offer.

Hi Autumn,

I'd like to buy the 3 Midnight bases and caps. Sending a PM now.

Moved to a new discussion because I added a lot more stuff.


Since my transaction arose out of this thread, I will respond here.  I give Autumn two enthusiastic thumbs up on all aspects of this deal.  Shipped it quickly (yea, yea, I know... puts me to absolute shame) and it arrived safe and sound.  The Flui globe clouded a bit in transit, but is already showing improvement after one short run.  Both coils were displaced, but big whoop.  The small coil is now in place and I will hit the larger coil with magnets after work.

Many, many thanks Autumn!!!

You are welcome. I was worried about the globe and packed it 3 different times before I was happy with it.

Critter, I really like that color combo, it looks great!   That'll make a great lamp for Halloween, or anytime for that matter!

BTW, if you make the teardrop a glitter and then get tired of it, I'll give it a good home.  LOL   You beat me to it!!  :-)   First dibs!!!
Critter said:

Hey Autumn, here is the lantern base in its intended use. This was never a favorite base of mine but I thought it would be fun, come Fall, as a decoration (for Halloween and Thanksgiving) with the orange black 52. I cleaned and polished the base and fired her up. Yep it is the perfect globe for a lantern base to give it a sorta a creepy, moody feel. The wife loves it! See attachment. Oh and I think I am going to convert the teardrop to glitter!




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