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What sort of price would a Mathmos Astro Flock - Red base & cap / Green wax / Green liquid. That has never i mean NEVER been used, its been sitting in storage since it came out. What would it sell for? I need some help please.

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I would say around  150 -  200+ depending on how good the condition is and if its boxed and with the certificate etc.

If your selling it on Ebay I would suggest putting a reserve on it and starting the bidding low as if the starting bid is too high then people may not start bidding on it.

thanks for the help, I know the Flock's are rare, but is it a lava lamp that people want, can i get rid of easily if needed?

Yea I think it is a item people want due to its rairity and that its a nice lamp - I would like one but its just cost.

If you price it right and put some good pictures of it as well as a good disciption on Ebay then I am sure it would sell.

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