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there's a special edition of the Mathmos Astro Metallic in clear/orange on proidee.de


they dispatch for 18 € to Europe and 40 € to USA!

Good luck with that!

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Wow that looks really nice! I've always thought that the metallic range would benefit from some more colours.

I'd be interested to see a copper metallic too

Neat. Order placed and fingers crossed. Handy not to need to use a forwarding service.

The metallic pink and blue are announced to be available again from 29th October 2017 on.

I am interested in these, but what discourages me are the many reports of new bottles coming with scratches and other defects.



Alfred said:

Neat. Order placed and fingers crossed. Handy not to need to use a forwarding service.

Did you get the orange one? How did it turn out? Any scratches? How is the color?

I did receive it, though due to various circumstances I haven't been able to set it up and run it. (Hopefully within a month or two.) It did look good out of the box.

This is a really special lamp.  I didn't care too much for the red or blue but this orange is stunning.  One question - how could I place an order if I don't speak or understand German?

I used Chrome, which hooks directly into Google Translate. It translates each individual piece of the page in-place, without having to load the entire site through Google Translate. This way, links, buttons, and such all work as they should while the text itself is translated (roughly, but well enough to place an order).

if someone needs any help with German just write me...

A bit confused about these - so this isn't an official Mathmos product ?

No, they are definetely made by Mathmos. Only some kind of distribution partnership or so.

Mathmos' site has metallic blue & red, quoted "Out of stock". And no clue if & when they will be available again.

And now on the studio-deluxe.de site it says metallic blue and pink shell be available from 29th november 2017. And well, the photo of the "pink" looks almost like the red picture from Mathmos website, so I think these are the same two colors they had before, blue & red.

Bottle at studio.deluxe costs 95,99€, Mathmos wanted 85 Pound, respectively 100€ before.


And than there is www.proidee.de, they have a metallic orange version, seemingly exclusive.

It says "available for immediate delivery". Priced 99,95€.

I think this could be the best cause of the brightness of the orange.


Wonder why the orange variant wasn't available through Mathmos

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