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Hi everyone!

I have been running my '98 astro with this bulb: https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/5641/DEC-101045.html with great success.  Now I am planning on ordering a fluidium and some astro bottles. I have seen pictures of fluidiums with different types of bulbs (reflector, golfball), and I have seen, on mathmos's website that the heritage bottles are "only compatible" with the heritage base.  I assume this is because of a different bulb? Can anybody tell me what bulb the most recent fluidium, and heritage astro use.  I was thinking maybe this (http://www.bulbsandlighting.com/40-watt-125130-volt-R16-European-Sc...)  for the fluidium, or would it be too tall in the base.  I am planning on running the astro bottles on my current astro base, as wel as LL 52oz bases (coach, century...) would they supply the appropriate amount of heat?  Thanks!

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Here ya goo !  straight from the horses mouth  lol. click on the specs button.



Thanks Aladdin, but unfortunately, here in the states we have 120v.

I spent months looking for a 120v bulb that has the same shape

as a UK 240v bulb..  You will not find one, I have tried... They

look close on the internet, but when you try it it wont fit.

The OP's second link looks close, a fluey uses a 40w reflector.

Its all about the size of the screw in part, the length and

bulb shape whether round or reflector.  I gave up and went

with a step up transformer.  I hope you find something.

Derrrr... I had a blonde moment there cowmation  lol.

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