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Hello Chris,

There will be a new release of the lava lamps to mark the jubilee and they are plans to produce the lunar lamp again. We do not take any orders just yet and we do not have any exact date to when there will be released.


Kind Regards,

Mathmos Team


Tel: 01202 620114


Mathmos, Unit 4 Holton Rd., Holton Heath Trading Estate, Poole, Dorset BH16 6LG



this im sure will be eagerly awaited, might start forming a queue at the depot now lol

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"if it is released, that will make the value of the original ones only go up more. ;)"

I don't believe this. Did the re-release of the lanterns make the older ones go up more?

If anything people will weigh the cost of old vs new and many will choose whichever is lower. 

It's only the hard core collectors who will value an older style lamp over a cheaper one. 

Then again, There is the text in the previous post of "There are no plans to re-launch the Lunar".

I've never considered lunars rare.

In any given month or year, how many are available for auction?

Weigh that against a Princess, Imperial, Wall scone, meditation consort, executive, etc, etc. 

What may more be valuable is a new Jardine style.
They seem to be more rare then a lunar and they would fit in with a wider decor. 

Spoke to Mathmos yesterday

.. they also said that they have no plans for a Lunar.

Completely contradictory to my last conversation I had with them!

Flip a coin & see which side it lands.

Wow Strike XX for Mathmos, what'll be next? china factory?

Mathmos wont move to china - they really arn't that stupid, as for the lunar as I said before I don't think anyone knows what's going on - Mathmos as well as us.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Wow Strike XX for Mathmos, what'll be next? china factory?

If they thought it would be a money maker, they would have released new Lunars.


I think the smart astro is the way to go, once that technology is perfected, then maybe a larger lunar sized lamp may come out.

If that technology is perfected, then you will have old and new collectors buying larger lunar sized lamps.

it won't increase the value of the older ones unless new blood is brought into the fold and there is a desire for the older lamps. For people who are happy enough to own a larger smart lamp, they will stay with that. 

For people who own lunars already, Mathmos would have new sales for old fans. 

Win/Win, Yet it's hinged upon the success of new warming mechanisms that do not require bulbs. and led lighting mechanisms that are bright enough. 

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