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I really do think it is their attempt at getting rid of excess yellow fluidium bases. I love it though because I love blue wax, and I don't have a fluidium. It is a bit lazy, but I'm still hoping for a larger mathmos lamp later this year.
I cannot help but wonder if they are not simply looking to sell some lamps. The Fluidium was/is popular and it is probably easy to que up production again, make some money.....maybe buy time before the next Smart Astro or other new lamp appears. The Smart Astro was supposed to be back (revised?) earlier this year....delays? Or maybe they just realized killing off the Fluidium was a bad move. Something is up and I think a plastic based lamp like the Fluidium is a high profit, easy to make kinda lamp as compared to spun aluminum and cast aluminum lamps. If these are new production Fluidium bases and lids I do hope the do more colors too.

Giving the topic some thought i think that Mathmos is probably trying to eather sell more yellow bases by making a short run of blue bottles or is trying to get shot of the yellow bases entirely. They have discontinued the green base leaving only the yellow so mabie that is going to go soon as well

I doubt they are going to make a blue base, there was a prototype of it but I don't think Mathmos would release the globe first then release the base. 

If they do discontinue the fluidum it does not make sense as its cheap to make and is a grate lamp and shouldent be seen as a novelty lamp so as grate as the blue bottles are it does raise some questions.

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