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Some say Im greedy, Im not really sure... but ive managed to score another 2 lunars so now have 4 :) to be honest seeing them all lined up does make me smile! 

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Yes, that is too many.  To help you in your situation you may send two of them to

oh never mind, you'll never fall for that ;)

No such thing as too many!

Nice line up of Lunars!

NOT too many IMO  ;)


Wow thats got to be some sort of record... that many lunars in one place! Where in the world are you? 
MileHigh said:

Nice line up of Lunars!

NOT too many IMO  ;)


I had 10 at the peak of my Lunar addiction!

I probably would have had more at the time if I had lived in the UK were they are easier to obtain  - lol

I sold 8 of them over the years to other collectors here in the USA and I only own 2 now.

Thats amazing! Alot of money in one photo there! 

your Faze1 is more interesting !!!:-)

It is indeed! 

Christian said:

your Faze1 is more interesting !!!:-)

Too many lamps?  That's like too much whiskey, right?  No such thing.

I think greed isnt defined by what makes you truely happy but rather by what you are taking even though you dont need it while others could be a bit more happy with it or if you start taking advantage by selling things you have a lot of way overprice coz you've just bought all stock and now its no longer available...thats greed if you ask me. When it comes to the topic of how much or many is in fact too much or many I think you will notice yourself. I one had a LOT of lamps...I think around 100...including three lunars with self made Metallic and glitterball bottlez...you can see them in the nice lunar lineup above (glad to see them still so clear, dude) ...anyway, one day I came home and I didnt feel like the owner of a bunch of lamps anymore...I felt as if they owned me! Thats the point where it is too much...also it depends if you have a life or not and if you're happy...if not...enough will never be enough...I know from own experience...

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough."

William Blake, Proverbs of Hell

@VintageLavaLamps: How did you manage to fill the glitterball wax into the lunar bottle? Without producing a big mess with sticking wax everywhere and the oily fluid getting contaminated with dust etc?

And how many Glitterball AstroBabies did you use for that operation?

Do you have a video with the Glitterball Lunar flowing?

Looks amazing!!!

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