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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the site, as I need some advice.


I finally got my hands on a Mathmos Lunar yesterday - as you may imagine, I was soooo chuffed! However, after watching it for several hours yesterday (when I should have been concentrating on coursework!), there are some things that make me a tad suspect that it's fake!?!?


1) The cable is white, as is the variable dimmer switch.

2) The fins on the base that are attached to base of the main body have not been welded - they look like they've been attached from the inside, so each fin has a rather obvious gap at the seam...


If there's an expert on here, please ease my mind and tell me it's fine! It has Mathmos stickers on the dome and the base, but other pictures of Lunar's look different at the attachment of the fins.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated!



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Thanks Marcel,

Sorry for the paranoia - I've tried to get one of these things for over 10 years, and now that I have one, I was so worried that it wasn't genuine!

Anyways, it's reassuring to know that the fitting of the legs is normal.

Thanks for your help - you've eased my mind! :)
The white wire tells you it is one of the first production lunars. Also if the legs have tiny tiny little dimples on them that would also indicate an older lunar. The newer production legs were totally smooth. You could also search for pics of lunars in the pics section of this site.
more to the point, do fake lunars actually exist?
given that the originals are no longer made, you'd assume that if they did and worked, it would be worth getting one and then a real mathmos replacement bottle.
I would love a lunar lamp, I remember seeing them in a store when they are first launched. I tried to get my Hubby to let me buy one but I had no chance. I've got even less now as they seem to sell for at least twice what they cost when they were new.
£150 you jammy person!!

My biggest bargain was a Astro for £5.
I also have a lunar, I bought it second hand several years ago - the owner was selling it because their dog had chewed the cable. I replaced the cable and it's now a wonderful centre-piece in my lounge.

The bottle is a clear liquid and red lava. As far as I can tell, this is fairly uncommon?

Unfortunately, the clear liquid is now rather opaque. I'm not sure if it's because it's been left in the sun in its past, or just because it's old. Anyway, I live in Australia, so I doubt there is any chance of me getting a replacement bottle.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I could do to get it looking schmick again?
There is no crestworth logo, it's got a white lunar/mathmos sticker on one of the legs, and a vertically aligned mathmos logo on the top cap...

It's hard to say whether it was a violet/red, because there is NO trace of violet colour at all.
Fancy paying as much as that for a Lunar!!
Quite genuinely, we bought a Lunar with lovely clear deep blue liquid and purple/red wax at a boot sale in Taunton last October. Apart from a small dent in the nose cone, it's in excellent condition all round. It's got Crestworth (stamped I think) on one of the legs and looks a treat when we fire it up (with the original bulb still working).
Takes ages to get going though, doesn't it?
The sellers were so pleased that we wanted it that they said they'd delivery it to our home if necessary (because it was heavy!) - but once we'd paid, there was no way I was going to let it out of my hands!
The price - a princely £30!
Must take some photos and load them on my page.....
Hi all,

Sorry for the UBER late response. Thanks for the feedback though, particularly from Paul and Bohdan - much appreciated. I've since seen a couple of Lunars on ebay with similar characteristics i.e. white cables and dimmer switches, so that's a relief! Just bought a new violet/red bottle for it and given it a full polish (it was covered in dirt/grease/finger prints when I first picked it up), and it looks amazing! Sooo glad I've finally got my hands on one now!

Anyways, cheers all!
OMG am I jealous of you for finding one for £30! What a bargain!!!
Never seen one with a Crestworth stamp before..
Oops! You're right - no stamp.....could have sworn it had something on it.
A quick recce this morning and all I can find is a Mathmos sticker - damn!

One photo attached - taken just now, just to prove it's real. Not fired up - but what can you expect at 8.45 AM!

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