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I purchased a Mathmos Astro replacement bottle (Red/Blue) from Electric Planet.  I am very disappointed to say the least...The liquid is a dirty blue that is not clear at all and there is not enough goo to make it flow right compared to a 32oz globe... A few balls of red goo go up and back down without ever flowing together.... most of the time.it does not flow at all...I am so disappointed because I have always wanted one to use with my Americana base and next to all my lamps this one looks like a cheap reject....I'm sick because I was so looking forward to a Beautiful Red White and Blue Americana lamp....It would not even be worth it to return because of currency conversion and shipping. I would just like to know if this is a dud or has anyone else experienced this problem with this color globe?  I have only heard the best about Mathmos but this globe can't hold a candle next to my clear, flowing beautiful US Lava Lamps....Thanks BW

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Have a look at my pics and my videos, is this what it flows like? I love my Astro. I have never used a US made lamp. My Astro is not a busy as my Astrobaby and my Telstar, but I like that, it still gives me awesome snaking, and when it has het up fully it gives a great display that fills the globe.

I had a problem with one of my older bases and a new bottle, I actually had to up the bulb from a 40 to a 60, and they were all Mathmos parts. perhaps it's your base?
the problem is not in the heating up. It moves alright it just seems like there in not enough lava in the bottle. not like the smaller globes or other 52oz globes. this is a new replacement bottle I just got it. Did Mathmos change the formula or something. I see pics of other lamps and yours are so clear. that is why I wanted a Mathmose to see for myself.... The blue liquid is not a pristine clear blue like the other pics I see.and I don't think it is cloudy. its just a mucky darker blue that you cannot see through and not much lava. Sounds like I am picky but this is real and such a let down next to my other US Lava Lamps. Never thought I would be saying this. I waited a while before I took the plunge and sent off to the UK. Yours are beautiful and clear with beautiful flow. thanks for listening though I know there is nothing I can do know except sell it on ebay. BW
I need to take a picture of mine. The flow I can live with but your blue is so clear and pristine. It is also a light blue. Mine is dark and almost a gray blue.
Thank You for the info. I did not know Mathmos had a lower Wax/Liquid ratio. But I guess I need to take a pic cause it does not look anything like Bohdan's Red/Blue Astro. Like I said I can live with the flow knowing this, its the horrible disappointment, I wanted one like His. Do you know anything about Mathmos say something about the new formula? I believe I read this on the site when I purchased it? They said they only made a small number or these Red/Blue to cellebrate their birthday or something and would not be making more. So I jumped and bought a replacement to use for an Americana Effect. Thanks
Thank You it's beautiful Wish mine looked like it. I will get a 100UK step up converter I have a clear/white Astro I just bought on ebay and I'll need that. Did You have to change to bulb wattage or volts when you used the converter?

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