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I own a Telstar, I have had it since around 1997.
The legs on it are fastened by just been slid through the holes in the base. They can become loose when handled. In some cases fall clean out of their socket.
Ive also seen other telstars where the legs bolt on with a screw in each leg. I think these are the ones with coloured caps and bases, as in the picture?
I think Ive also seen a silver one with bolt on legs, maybe originally thats how they were made?
Ive now seen a photo of a telstar where the legs are fastened differently to the 2 versions previously mentioned.
Can anyone tell me if the 3rd picture is of a new version of the Telstar? If it is have they made the legs more secure?

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All three of my Mathmos Telstars are built like picture #3, and according to what I think is the date sticker in the base, the one I have sitting here was made on June 5, 2012.   These came from Mathmos US and were purchased already wired for the US. 

The legs are rock solid, with the tabs being actually a part of a long piece of metal with a screw placed directly under the tab and another on the bottom of the strip of metal toward the bottom.  Those two screws hold the legs onto the base, and they don't wobble or move at all.  Obviously, the globe sits on the tabs and they are strong, no give.   These lamp bases are heavy and very well made.  The body of base is brushed and the legs are polished and have little silicone thingys (new word) pushed up onto the bottom of the legs.  I suggest you glue them on, they are easily lost.  Hope this is of some help to you!   

Thanks for that ^

So 2 screws per leg that'll make them nice and solid! and the little ledges for the bottle to sit on.

Can you tell me if the legs still need regular polishing.
The older ones tarnish so easily even finger marks cause the legs to tarnish!
hopefully they are coated with something nowadays?

I have had mine sitting in my loft for months and they have never even started to tarnish.  They're very highly polished and shiny, so I am "assuming" they have had something done to them to prevent that happening.  I only have to wipe off my finger prints when I get them out to run.  And the fingerprints are only fingerprints, not tarnished at all.

Edit:  Yes, two heavy duty screws per leg and NO wobble at all.  :-)   The little ledges are very thick and sturdy and the globes sit on them very well.   If one happens to be bent, just straighten it and all will be well.   The metal is heavy enough to take it, not flimsy at all.   But all of the tabs on mine were positioned perfectly!

Oooer... pickey knikers or what !!!

Shooooooooooot it up.

ROFLOL, dear Rocket Man, I have no idea what you just said!!  

Jeez its a Telstar............what more do they want  ?

I'm a dork, eh?   LOL   I understand now, thanks for the lesson Rocket man!!!  
Aladdin 2 Lava said:

Jeez its a Telstar............what more do they want  ?

Where is Google's English to English translator? lol

Telstar's .......... rip 'em apart why don't ya.  

Bum Tiitty Bum Titty bum... LOL.

LOL, it's not Rocket Man, it's dorky me, Keith.   I can't understand the "King's English."   LOL

Keith, please read  your PM's.  

Lost in translation Libby...Telstar's are a British design classic.... polish away... lol.

Ok .. one of my Telstar's has no rubber feet... another has a slight burr on the rim of its base and has wobbly fins...

Rip 'em apart why don't ya's

For goodness sake... lighten up folk's    :)

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