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Any one coming to this? i was thinking to go for the Saturday one

Saturday, 19 September 2009 at 09:30
Thursday, 31 December 2009 at 18:00

96 Kingsland Road, Hoxton

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I could bring one of my Crestworth Fibre Optic Galaxys, the one with the stand but maybe they'll have one of these already as they're not that rare.

i emaied them and they are unsure of what they need at the moment, i have a few rare crestworth things they can borrow
i had the same email.

Hi Bianca
Many thanks for your offer. We will get back to you as soon as we know
what we require for our exhibition.
Thanks again

Dale Glen
Junior Designer
Mathmos Ltd.

020 7549 2700
Hi everyone, Mathmos here!

We hope you can all make it to the exhibition at some point. We'll have old lamps, archive photographs, prototypes and some one-offs we've done over the years. We're looking for collectors who may like to lend us something for the exhibition. If you're interested please email us on mathmos@mathmos.com. We're not exactly sure what we need yet but anything rare or unusual would be great. We will of course take very good care of your lamps and we'll give you something nice in return.

The exhibition is going to run from the 19th of September to coincide with the London Design Festival and will run until the end of the year (no relation to New Years Eve I'm afraid, we just wanted to run it for the rest of the year to make sure everyone has the best chance to come along).

We look forward to seeing you!

Here's hoping collectors here get them some stuff to show. I know some of you have: the flower fibre lamps of various kinds; the wall lamp; the Cosmos pedestal export models; the flick fibre lamp and Crystalite; the sputnik-type aroma lamps; the Cannon Timer; Twiggy; the table lamp glitters; and, hopefully, Princess, Fireball or giant store display lamp. We collectors can actually help make this thing special. I wish I could be in the UK to see it - hopefully there will be lots of photos!
please please please
someone take and post photos for those of us who can't make it....
*sigh* i wish I could go.
Somebody tell 'em to make it a traveling exhibition and come to germany...
or at least take dozens of pictures.
Like, please?
i have a black mint fibre space boxed, The white base you refer to Richard is the second model, would be good to have two. As the first only changes four colours and the white changes 6 colours.

I'm fortunate enough to have a mint and boxed Crestworth Phantom lite and Paul has a boxed Snowflake.
It would be awesome if you came over here Bohdan.. The Lava Master!
Cool to know these subtle differences in the fibre Space range and i never knew it was available in black.
I'm coming!!! Just can't bare the thought of you lot having fun without me! *stomps feet*

This is going to be great. I asked my bloke if he wanted to go but he just yawns at my lava's....

He collects guns (modern & vintage replicas) and samuri swords (nice!) so the last time i was at his place i just looked at them and yawned loudly...

His response was "Ah...touche!!"

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