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I'm seeking a few lamps to complete each category of my collection

VANDOR Ceramics




VANDOR 52oz Aristocrat size

Rolling Stones

Betty Boop

Jimi Hendrix-OBTAINED

Lava Lite Safari Series -COMPLETED-

Lava Lite 14"

Ninja Turtles -OBTAINED

Tye Dye


Orange Peace Sign -OBTAINED

Bevis and Butthead -OBTAINED

Green Marley -OBTAINED

Red Marley -OBTAINED

Also looking for dinosour lamp made by Creative Motion

Also LL Starships/Wizzards

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I have beavis.

The DOORS an Red Bob Marley have been acquired

I landed it on Ebay before someone we know had a chance to steal it from me.

I negotiated a lower price due to the fact it does not have the original box

I am that thief, and "steal" is the wrong word, it was open to purchase by anyone. :)

what you neglected to mention is that (knowing i was looking for one) you  immediately tried to resell it to me for 300% profit

Not the doors lava lamp, no.

Great score on the Doors lamp - I haven't seen one of them in person in ages. 

They were pricey new. Hopefully you got a good deal! 

Yes I did!

I did not pay the asking price

I got it for @25% discount due to no original box

Looking forward to arriving

Those are Vandor lamps not Vancor :) just a fyi

repetitive psychotic arthritic typo

same reason i always type form instead of from

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Those are Vandor lamps not Vancor :) just a fyi

lol same boat

NEW 17" Lava Lamp Leopard, 14" Beavis & Butthead, and 14" Ninja turtles have been acquired

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