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Hi all , 

I am making a lavalamp as an art project. 

 i am using a 10,5 liter or 355oz glass bottle. (No Pyrex) 

On Ebay i bought this recipe book (i will post the ingredients at the bottom). All the ingredients for the lava are pretty easy to find.
Except for one which is break cleaner (the non flammable kind because of the tetrachloroethylene also

known as perchloroethylene content). this kind is almost impossible to find in Belgium or near Belgium. 

So my question is can i just buy the tetrachloroethylene and add that ? 

And my next question is should a glass jar of that size be a pyrex one ? 

ingredients in the book: 

wax, brake
cleaner( not just any brake
cleaner, it has to be the
non flammable kind
[tetrachloroethylene also
known as perchloroeth-
ylene ] CRC Brakleen
Brand Parts Cleaner, can
be purchased at Autozone,
Walmart or other stores),
salt, water,

Hope somebody can help out 
Thanks ! 

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I would check on Amazon. They always seem to have everything. Good luck!

Yes! you should be using Pyrex if your going to put the glass globe over heat. Unless part of the art project is to have the globe crack and have the contents go all over the floor. As to the break cleaner, it should be fine to just add the tetrachloroethylene  since the break cleaner mentioned contains just that and carbon dioxide. Just make sure your very careful with all chemicals. Here is some info on the break cleaner. 


What amount of wax and perchloroethetylene were specified the ingredient list sent to you?

The CRC Brakleen is easy to find here in the U.S.


The perc (mentioned as brake cleaner) is also used in dry cleaning, in the past people have got hold of it by asking a dry cleaning shop another option is to check out industrial chemical supply shops on line. 

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