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Hello I am new to the forum and I'm from Germany. and turn to you with a problem. with my two Lava Lite Century missing liquid, how can I regulate the fluid level again? I send a pic. that you can see the Problem . Sorry for my bad english. Thanks Steffen

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With screw-top lava lamps I have topped up small liquid drops using distilled water then wrapped the glass threads with PTFE tape before capping.

With bottle cap globes I tighten the cap to the bottle with pliers before wrapping the cap where it meets the globe with self amalgamating rubber tape.

(I have found it best to place the cap back on the bottles/globes when the wax/liquid is hot)

Hope that helps.

Hi Steffan and welcome aboard 'Star Ship OG.'

The level is not that bad, I would top up with just DI water, done this on lamps of my own when the level has been much lower than the lamp in your photo.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Thank you, very much for the Tipps. I try to fill up with distelled water. I hope that lamp run after that again.

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