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Hey all, I had a profile here in the early 2000s but got a dog who knocked over most of my lamps one day and all the survivors and two possible parts lamps got relegated to the basement.  He's gone now and I brought my four wizard globes and one base upstairs and have really enjoyed having them back in service.  That is, however, neither here nor there.  What say I was to buy a jug like this:


and as I've seen people make lamps out of vodka bottles and condiment jars try to make a lamp?  The bottom is convex as viewed from the lava side and thus the lava would be deepest around the edges.  My thought is to have maybe four coils positioned above for bulbs (type, wattage, etc. tbd) of different colors.  Clear fluid, white wax.  I saw someone here made a type of smart astro sort of thing with resistors as the heat source and I thought it would be cool to do something similar with 4 heaters, blacklight leds and some sort of wax that would glow so that the only real light would be from the wax.  I think I've heard that they have leds now that barely emit any visible light.  So my question is this:  if I have multiple heat sources under multiple coils will I get multiple columns of rising wax?  My intuition says yes, but there are many things that are counterintuitive.

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*four bulbs

self grammar nazi'd.

To save you time, here is the link for the OG project


I personally went through a lot of additional R&D and experimentation prior to building and selling over a dozen remote-controlled Color control Grandes.

I tried and fried a multitude of controllers due to to the fact the inside got too hot.
I still have tons of extra parts so PM me or call if you need anything

Engineering Conclusions

There only 2 ways to convert an existing lava lamp

1) Put the  electronics in a 6x6x1.5 aluminum electrical hobby box and affix it as a base for the lamp

2) Do it in a Grande sized lamp whereas all parts can be far enough away from the heat source to not self destroy

It's funny you posted this because of just today, I pulled the chrome-plated heritage prototype out of the box to either sell or finish

I also have lots of screw-in heaters, possibly some LED rings and higher wattage Power supplies


I've gotten into the qvid wine tonight.  I'm about to fire a wizard and I'll email you when I have a clearer head.  

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