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im new to collecting and ive recently bought a 52 oz blue liquid white wax china lamp and after 4 to 5 hours about 3/4 of the wax would stay at the top called lavaworld and the cust service person told me that was normal when it is not i feel that they just dont care about making a high quality lamp i think they they are only thinking about the bottom the line the cost but the american made lamps i have seen had a nice wax flow to them and didnt do that t ried frosted bulb and dimmer switch and still had issue it seems that they have so many issues with china lamps and i havent heard a lot of issues with the american lamps it seems in america we dont have a lot of choices to to go down to our local shops and buy a high quality lamp lava world should take note of mathmos and crestworth they build high quality lamps are are a piece of furniture instead of something you only want to have in your dorm room thanks for your time jay

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They stopped selling them in the US because of the bulb issue.

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