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My Black/Clear Is Now Black Cherry (And Beautiful!!)

So my black/cloudy which came w/ my Reaper was gross and cloudy so recently I dumped the fluid (such guilt- I didn't know what would be worse for the environment: The toilet or the sink.)

and replaced it with much less cloudy clear liquid from a green/clear I bought previously.


At first it looked like it was dark purple but now it's a beautiful black cherry-ish color. It's beautiful and I love it!! :O)


I was thinking that a translucent red bulb would enhance this color and I'm trying to find a 40 watt translucent bulb for it but no luck so far. I may try Krylons translucent spray paint.


Does anyone else have a black one that looks like that?  I'll have to take pics of mine.

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Go to your local craft store and buy "Vitrea Brand" Glass Paint for your lightbulb project, (Transparent version, not the frosted kind since they make both sheens). You paint it on as a Gel, and then after it dries at room temp for a bit, then turn on the lamp. It will smoke for a while, but this is normal as it cures the paint permanently (otherwise put the bulb in the oven as the directions will say) either way this heat cures it on for good. Now you have a Colored Appliance bulb!

PS the Krylons spray paint is probably not meant for this heat and could explode and or cause a fire since the chemicals in it may not be heat rated. The Vitrea glass paint as mentioned above can exceed over 350 degrees!
Galaxy, thank you so much for that info!
I was going a bit crazy trying to find something to paint the bulb w/... each paint I found on the net had one problem or another.

And I emailed Krylon about the trans. spray I saw but they never got back to me yet: I have an Ace hardware right by me so I figured I'd just pick up a can there... but I really don't want the exploding bulb or the fire from it!
Thanks again. :O)

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