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After actually doing this myself and being made a believer, the lava louie kits are the only way to go. Im seriously thinking of doing my other 2 grandes and nothing is even wrong with them. I ordered a flourescent orange goo kit from Louie and I am amazed with the results. Check out the photos.

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Awesome result! Orange looks fantastic, I'd love to do the same thing to my crusty looking grande... how much did the goo kit set you back?
It was just like $48.00 after shipping and all. Not a bad price to pay for a lamp to flow perfect and such clarity with the goo.
Yes it was. At first I was a little hestitant because im just the type of person to usually screw stuff up, but this is super easy and the results it yields are amazing.
Cool, thanks for that - I'm in Australia so I guess it's +30% with the exchange rate - still pretty good for such a great looking lamp though!
Yeah, I would love to see someone with a colossus lamp use a lava louie goo kit. That would be a sight to see.
What size kit did you use for this lamp? And is it really as easy as I've read in other posts?
For a Grande you need a quart of lava louie's goo. And yes it is super easy to do.
Heres a link with the instructions on what you do once you recieve your goo kit from lava louie. http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/lava-louie-goo-grande-refill
After the shipping and all its around $48.00. For the different colors you can go to johnny magmas member page and click his photo link, and he has a pic with all available color displays in full motion-> here is the link to his page http://oozinggoo.ning.com/profile/jonnymagma. you can also go to magmatower.com for some of their more pofessional work they have done commercialy.

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