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Hi all

I'm waiting after my MSR filter to restore my both Lunar Bottle, so i'm playing with my Lunar to spend time ;-) 

It may be better with clear fluid.

The wax is really deep red, not pink ;-)

Do you like it ?

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Very cool! Do you have a light source at the top to make the blue shine like that? That is a fun lamp. Congrats!

Im confused

Why would you spend so much money on a filter that will no longer be useable for anything else?

The fluid has leeched color, it si much easier to dump it and start over

For what you spent on the filter, you can probably buy 5 FIVE GALLONS of propylene glycol and do a 70/30 mix

Hi Claude
I think there is a spirit in the fluid and tells the wax how to move, so I think I'll try to keep this fluid. ;-)
I bought a $ 50 MSR filter to filter 3 bottles, much cheaper than having to replace all.
If it does not work, I go to the second step, ie replace the fluid.
But taken by the passion, I will try to make myself even a whole bottle, fluid and wax, I will test on a small model not to waste the ingredients.

there are two filter ceramics for the msr. make sure to use the rougher and not the one that removes all the chemicals as it wont work anymore with all the lovely chemicals inside.

Yes, i used the ceramic filtre, it's succès ;-)

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