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Hi all!

I had a collection of lava lamps that I had until college then went off to Japan to work for 10 years. Name is Jonathan , pleasure to meet you all.

I thought since I still love lava lamps that I'd try and make an Lava lamp APP (Android for now).

I spent a good amount of time perfecting that you can choose and save any color on it and I am pretty satisfied with it.

I wanted to get everyones feedback on it and any advice for making it better.

Please let me know, thanks!!



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Hi there! First of all, welcome to this wonderful forum. I downloaded the app on my note 4 and it is awesome. Great job. Its stable, it has a great selection of colors, and the motion is unpredictable.

Thank you x 2! I'm so happy to hear some positive feedback!

Groovy!  I installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is very cool. Thanks for sharing! 

Apple user here

link is dead. wha'ts it called?

Oops, I now have the second version up and took the old one down.

Ad version link is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lava.free2

Non ad version is here for .99 cents: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lavalamp.pay2

Please test the free version on your phone before purchasing! Thanks!

MyFriendGoo said:

link is dead. wha'ts it called?

Forgot to mention here the name of the app, its pretty easy. It's called "Lava Lamp" or "Lava Lamp Pro". Also wanted to mention my friends lava lamp app on the iphone/ipad, its the same base, but not as good as the Android one that I maintain. ;-)

Oh, also wanted to add that I made a glow effect color and a choice for a black or white background.

just make sure Lava Lite doesn't get you for copy right infringement. that happened with a program of mine before. but it's a cool little app, even if I had to go disable ads. I don't like the chance of call backs to a server givign away personal data. (no offense). After testing the free version, i went into my android VM, turned it on and let the ads run so you got revenue then uninstalled.


Thanks for checking out my app and supporting me with ad revenue. For the free version, I try to be transparent that it has ADs in it and I use Google Analytics to get feedback on it.

I highly recommend the PRO version because it doesn't have any ADS or GA in it and doesn't require internet connection, take personal data, etc.

Re: Copyright - If you are speaking about the App Store (iOS) one, that is my personal friends. He and I shared the code, so there is no problem with that.


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