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I picked up some new lamps recently.  The 17 inch peach looking on has no cap code at all(doesn't appear there was one that got rubbed off, I took a picture in infra-red and saw nothing as that usually will show even rubbed off markings.) Got it for $3.  The 17 inch blue "Designer" was cloudy but I re-did the fluid, now it flows great. The 16.3 blue liquid with red wax is brand new from Spencer's, its clear and flows nicely. The also 16.3 purple liquid / pink wax I got used for $8. The 16.3 inch red wax / clear fluid I got locally for $15, clear + nice flowing.  Lastly the grande I got for $20 is the best find I've had in a long time, its crystal clear, flows truly amazingly. 

On a side note I'm really starting to like the 16.3 inch form factor, not too tall but with more room for movement than the thinner 17 inch model. Oh, and I've re-painted the bases for many of these for aesthetic reasons (the grande to copper, other blue with metal flecks, etc)

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Here is a video of that grande (on youtube) showing its great


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