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    This is an update to a question brought up in this previous thread
    I found this new bulb but was listed as incandecsent and what I recieved is infrared clear. It is basically a heat lamp for a bathroom or something It is a 250watt BR40 and as you know the colossus calls for a 200watt. So my question is;what effect do you think this type of bulb will have. Will the inrared clear fade it out? how would I find out the operating temps of the two bulbs.? the bulb actually sits about three inches down in the base.


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I am trying to compare the two bulbs. This is the replacement I found
this is the original 200watt br40 for

So the globe needs to be shielded from the direct heat of the bulb. I wonder if I could deflect the heat like, with a round 3in mirror, downwards enough to stop the direct heat but stil let light through? So this idea needs work
colossus bulbs are here!

whoa....details please
Sorry I don't have more info they're still waiting on new bases that use the bigger BR-40 bulb.in 200 watts (remember I was sent replacement bases as a courtesy because the BR-30 that fit the older bases is no longer available.)maybe after Dec. I was told about more bases They did not have any br-20 100watt bulbs for giants or grandes until then either. I did find these at Lowes for 5.67..

They hold up to like 600 watts or something

These may work if you use a lower setting on the dimmer switch and you have the base which carries a br40 bulb...


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